Below you will find some of our favorite links. We have had the opportunity to hunt, fish or use the products of these businesses. We recommend them as some of the best in the industry. 
Hunting and Fishing Guides
Guided hunts for Mule deer, Whitetail deer, Pronghorn antelope, turkey, and prairie dogs with Scott Phillips. Hunt and then stay in their beautiful lodge. 
Guided hunts in the Alaska Range and Western Alaska for Barren Ground caribou, wolf, Dall's Sheep, Grizzly bear, Black Bear, and Alaska Yukon Moose, with Alaskan Master Guide Virgil Umphenour.
Guided hunts in Arizona for Coues Deer, Desert Mule deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Desert Bighorn sheep, Pronghorn antelope, Black Bear, and Mountain Lion with Rom Dryden. 
Guided hunts on Kodiak Island fo Kodiak Brown Bear, Sitka Blacktail deer, fox, and sea ducks with Alaskan Master Guide Brian Peterson. 

Guided fishing trips on Kodiak Island for King salmon, Silver salmon, and Pacific halibut also with Brian Peterson. 
For the finest in wild Alaskan seafood shipped right to your door.